Robot process automation

robot-4The use of robot technology is well known in production but a new form for technology is entering our world as virtual robots. The virtual robots can be considered as a workforce like humans to handle processes in companies. A quote from Oxford University* says “According to estimates around 47 percent of total US employment is in the high risk category. We refer to these as jobs at risk; jobs we expect could be automated relatively soon, perhaps over the next decade or two.” Regardless whether the estimate of 47 percent is right or not it is interesting to see that the labor market is fundamentally about to change. This includes both manually routine based work as well as professions as lawyers, doctors and other highly educated professions. It is considered to be the fourth industrial revolution and is therefore a relevant topic for all companies and all professions.
*Future of employment: How Susceptble are jobs to computerisation beased on workshop conducted at Oxford University by Carl Benedikt Frey & Michael A Osbourn


If you want to know more

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