Lotte Reumert 5 MS

When you work with Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and Performance you quickly become aware the different levels you can work on and that you get better results when you to adapt your work style and choice of tools to the level you work on. To get the idea of it, you can think of what things you would say to a close friend when you are alone and what things you would say at to a business meeting with all of your colleagues.
The levels I normal operate with you can see in the below table and these are the levels I refer to on this home. Furthermore you should always try to take into account what background, knowledge, feelings and experience people have before you choose your approach.

  •  Individual (1)                          : When you work alone with just one person
  •  Team (approx. 2-7 persons): When you work with a team it often consists of 2 – 7 people that work close together
  • Department (approx. 8 – 50): When you work with a department that not necessarily work close together
  • An Organization (approx. more than 50): When you work with the whole organization that not necessarily knows who each other are.