Lotte Reumert 7 MS

Performance is something that needs to work on an organizational level, departmental -, team – and individual level to reach the full potential. When business and organizations grow one of the biggest challenges is that the span between individual and organizational performance also grows. Contradictions’ on what performance means on an individual level and on a departmental level means you create waste in your organization. Goals set up in one department can backfire on another departments work. Silos are created and internal wars can start. That creates waste, frustration and costs a lot of money. The best way to prevent this is to have a culture that support the goals of the organization and to keep those goals clear and communicated in all of the organization. To have clear values and keep moral high. This topic is difficult and even harder to master in real life but when organizations succeeds that is when you see great leaders keep great organizations alive and kicking. I will present some of the tools that I have se as useful when you talk about performance on the different levels and I will also visit some of the pitfalls that I have come across working in organizations.